Children's Group Classes

Children and teenagers especially need regular and correctly dosed physical activities that take into account age-specific features: immaturity of the nervous system, open growth zones, hormonal surges, etc. Activities that strengthen bones and ligaments, as well as counteract the effects of a child's love for sweets, are essential.

Obesity, type 2 diabetes, scoliosis, and hypertension are ailments that are becoming younger each year and are gradually approaching our children, given the sedentary lifestyle and unbalanced nutrition. Our experts, who have developed professional training methodologies for children of any age, know how to properly counteract these issues.

ZUMBA Kids (6-12 years) This is a fun dance-entertainment program that will help your child learn to move easily and joyfully to the rhythm of dance. It is conducted in a playful format.

Gymnastics Kids (5-9 years) Elements of choreography, gymnastics, cheerleading, and playful elements provide an excellent foundation for forming correct habits, a beautiful athletic body, and preventing diseases in our children. The classes will help develop flexibility, strength, coordination, learn fast graceful movements, and even lose excess weight.

Swim Kids
(6-15 years) A sports swimming class that focuses on the development of all physical qualities, willpower, and self-discipline.