Turkish baths are a truly incomparable pleasure that cleanses not only the body but also the soul. The unique combination of moderate temperature and humidity allows one to stay there for quite a long time without feeling discomfort. Gentle warmth, an abundance of soapy foam, and steam – this is exactly what you need to wash away the stress of a hard day. Where else can you feel rejuvenated, relieve the fatigue that has accumulated over time, and simply be alone with yourself and your thoughts? At the Alpine Fitness Center, each visitor is treated to a pleasant detail that makes their relaxation truly carefree – an unlimited number of towels and robes for your use.

SPA procedures in the hammam are not only very pleasant but also beneficial. Exfoliating treatments and a light foam massage will provide you with delightful moments of bliss and a sense of complete relaxation. It's not just a wonderful rest, but also a detoxification of the body, figure correction, and toning your skin.