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Pregnancy and childbirth are natural physiological states for a woman. Therefore, a healthy pregnancy and easy childbirth are the norm for a modern woman who approaches pregnancy and childbirth consciously. Fitness classes during pregnancy are not only possible but also necessary. They help maintain your physical fitness and prepare your body for childbirth, ensuring an easy and pleasant experience for both the expectant mother and the baby.

Our program for expectant mothers at FC Alpiski has been developed with consideration of all the needs of pregnant women, their physiological requirements, physical capabilities, and includes beneficial exercises to prepare the body for childbirth.

Our program offers a balanced combination of stretching and flexibility exercises, controlled stress and relaxation techniques, acquisition of special breathing skills for labor, and aquatic training to help relieve unnecessary tension in the body, aid in relaxation, and, if needed, prepare for water births.

Yoga, fitness ball, and DRT (Diaphragmatic Relaxation Training) sessions are conducted in comfortable spaces with fresh air and modern equipment.

Aqua training takes place in a pool with a comfortable water temperature, safe depth, and an automatic water purification system, creating high-quality and comfortable sessions for pregnant women.

The program has been developed and is conducted by experts with specialized training and years of experience.

Diaphragmatic Relaxation Training (DRT) This unique session trains specific breathing techniques during labor, concentration and relaxation skills, pain relief techniques, teaches special labor positions, and educates the partner (if the woman is accompanied by a partner) on how they can assist, including massage, pain relief points, and synchronized breathing.

This training has no contraindications and can be practiced from the early weeks of pregnancy until labor, allowing the skills learned in the session to become automatic.

Recommended frequency of DRT sessions is 2-3 times a week. It can be combined with other workouts.

We invite wonderful expectant mothers to join our special "Happy Pregnancy" group at Alpiski at any stage of pregnancy and experience this wonderful period with us, receiving benefits and joy for themselves and their future baby!

The cost of a "Happy Pregnancy" 10-session pass is 4500 UAH. Pass duration is 45 days."

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